Guard Patrolling System For Apartments, Societies and Residentials

Whenever you live in a gated local area, it doesn’t make any difference, whether it is little, large or length across sections of land, there is consistently a need to safeguard your general public from gatecrashers. The primary reason for a general public patrolling is to keep up with the security of the apartment building under the safety officer’s obligation. Sadly, Society Patrol is one of the interactions that isn’t followed. Most social orders couldn’t say whether the security guard patrolling is going on according to plan or on the other hand assuming that the watch is covering all alcoves and corners of your Apartment Society.

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Now it is possible and easy with Destiny Secure Software:

Destiny Secure Software has launched a society guard patrolling system for apartments which will assist society the board council with joining to improve the security of premises. This guard tracking system is acquainted with all Destiny clients with practically no additional expense which implies society need not spend a penny to utilize this element.

How does the guard tracking system keep your residential premises secure?

With the guard tracking system, a society guard needs to watch the general public premises at the time characterized by the administration council group. Guard patrolling isn’t finished until every single QR code on his visit is filtered. As a board part, you can check when the guard began the patrolling, how long he took, what way he took it, and when he has done it. You will actually want to see the time and date of each sweep, all from your De.

Guard patrolling system for apartments guarantees that every single corner and every one of the weak spots in your general public get checked come what may, consistently at various times. The dangers that might emerge from avoiding these spots are disposed of and give impenetrable security to your condo society.

Will guard fool the framework or can security be compromised?

Absolutely not! Assuming the safety officer feels that he can take a duplicate of the QR code and sweep the code while sitting in his lodge. Although, it’s not a choice with guard patrolling system software. 

Guard patrolling utilizes geo-labeling and GPS on guard appliances. This implies that each sweep needs to match a geotagged area, and the GPS will show that assuming the guard is really at that area while taking the QR to examine, he should be inside 5 meters of the QR code for the application to acknowledge the output.

What else can the Guard Patrolling System do?

The security guard patrolling can drastically upgrade the loft society security and keep the administration panel educated, followed, and really oversee premises with state-of-the-art innovations.

Real Time Checker

The guard tour monitoring system gives an AI stage to the executives council group with which they can screen and track their security watches progressively. A watchman visit arrangement gives the continuous exact information about a gatekeeper visit development, episodes, and exercises to the overseers of the general public

Take Pictures on every Location

While checking the QR codes, safety officers can take photos of the area or record an occurrence and report to the administration. All information is put away on the rapid AWS server and can be gotten to whenever

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Auto suggestions to Security Guards for Patrolling

Fate versatile application will send the suggestion to the safety officer to begin the watching. Also if because of any explanation watching is deferred or not done. Same is the case with the supervisory group.

Monitor Friendly

Destiny Secure Software generally has confidence in straightforwardness and subsequently, this component is created to make things simpler for a safety officer to utilize the Application and play out the watching.


Keeping information reports, monitoring visits, time frames, happening episodes, documentation in regards to security guards’ timetable, and any emerging issues or arising alarms is significant. It’s difficult to acknowledge this heap of stuff should be conveyed truly beforehand. In any case, on account of the innovation we can now screen, check and execute any of the above activities by means of a couple of straightforward snaps utilizing the Destiny mobile application.


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