How is the Security Guard Tracking System helpful for Security guard Companies?

What is A Security Guard Tracking System?

A security guard tracking system helps you to manage and control the movement¬† of our guards’ activities and play an important role for security guard companies. With the Security Guard Tracking System it becomes very easy to manage your security guards. A security guard company that has a system in place to track their guards means they have access to all the data they need for guard tours, geolocation information, checkpoint completion, and more.

In times of emergency, security managers need to know the location of their team and what they are doing. This means ensuring that your security guards are monitored in real-time, tracked with GPS, and are safe if they are working remotely or alone. Effective security guard tracking means better efficiency and productivity.

Why do you need it?

Real-Time Tracker:

It is difficult to manage the activities of the guard. Destiny Secure software helps to check the real time performance of the guard. A complete security guard tracking system gives you easy access to important data whenever required. There is no need for supervisors to go through paper logs to know what the team is doing. The real-time checker dashboard helps supervisors turn information gathered in the field into actionable insights. And they can do all this from one place. This lets them see the key metrics that all customers want to report.

Guard Tour Monitoring:

The guard tour monitoring system provides security company owners with complete information on the whereabouts of their security officers. This provides evidence that the security guards are meeting the requirements of the contract.

Instant Reporting:

One of the main advantages of security guard tracking software is that it can generate a variety of reports, which will eliminate the need for manually handwritten daily shift reports, also helpful in generating reports instantly.

User Friendly:

A security guard patrol tracking system’s goal is to help users reduce costs and waste of time,and should be a user-friendly software, which can be used by anyone with limited computer skills. It is a web-based solution which can be accessed from computer/iPad/mobile phone. 

Cloud Based System:

Security Guard Management Software is a cloud-based (Internet-based computing) software, which can move your office virtually anywhere in the world, and will not interfere with your work due to regional restrictions. The software does not need to be installed and can be accessed through the website

Get a security guard tracking software system for your team. Having access to Guard software and app features such as GPS, digital activity and incident reporting, real-time notifications, and more will help security company owners stay on track while managing a security team. And to help you better manage your security team, Destiny Secure is here with all the features you need. Contact us to learn more about what Destiny Secure Software can offer to help you achieve better results.


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