How to track the location of your security guards?

Providing impeccable security services is like a continuous uphill battle. You can’t be generous one day and tough another day – you always need to keep things on top of things in order to avoid danger and keep your customers safe. Security guard tracking software plays a very important role for security companies.

Several security company owners do not know how to keep track of their security guards and measure their performance. If you too are looking for a solution, then Security Guard Management Software is your answer. With such a system, you can easily track the performance of your security guards.

  1. Manage and Schedule: 

For security companies, it becomes difficult to manage and control the schedule of their guards without enough arrangements. That’s why, we advise you to prefer security guard management system software for your security company.

Such a software provides for mobile and web applications that have separate user dashboards based on their roles. For example, management or supervisor will work on one dashboard and security guards will work on another dashboard. 

Meanwhile, such a system allows you to plan and execute a program for all guards at once. They can operate and check it from their mobile devices, making it easy for management to keep track of everything. Once you have covered everything with the help of such a system and manage it online, it becomes easy to see whether the guards are following the schedule or not. The system records if there are any slip-ups, which you may encounter later.

  1. Keep Track of Their Shifts

Extending the previous point, it suggests that management should keep an eye on the shift timing of guards. If a guard is to report on site at 8 a.m., at 6 p.m. you should regularly note their presence and absence.

You can also do this with the help of a guard tracking system. If guards neglect shift timings and are irregular, supervisors can act accordingly. With features like GPS tracker and other tracking features, the system notifies supervisors when a guard enters or leaves a place of duty. So, whether they are arriving late or leaving early, managers can take appropriate action.

  1. Make Easy Report Their Performance

When you keep a regular eye on everything, it becomes easier for the management to report the performance of each security guard.

Schedule adherence, punctuality, work management, on-duty behavior, problem-solving ability, actions taken during emergencies, etc. should be recorded. Once you collect such data by personal inspection and with the help of a security guard patrol tracking system, you can measure the performance of the guard. Such information will tell you who is performing to their full potential and who is not. Therefore, the management can act according to the policies of the company.

If you choose the security guard management system software by Destiny Secure, you can also keep tabs of the guards’ performance through color-codes and symbols. 

  1. GPS Tracking

The duty of security guards involves risk and danger to their lives. However, their responsibility is to protect the lives of others by ensuring complete safety. Thus, the absence of the guards deployed from the point of duty can become a matter of life or death.

To ensure that this does not happen, a security company should seek help from a well-functioning GPS tracking system. This will help you locate your guards and see if they have informed about their duties.Features like geofencing will alert the management whenever a guard enters or leaves a restricted area.

With GPS tracking, it is easy to monitor your guard as well as provide the necessary support during an emergency. The GPS security guard mobile app is also very beneficial for the security guards on patrol duty to track the location.

  1. Affordable Services

Our services are affordable by all businesses. If you don’t have the budget for the high-end security system, you can choose and go for a few services. We have very smart and advanced features to fulfill your needs. So don’t worry about the budget go hassle-free with us services.
So, these were some of the ways in which you can monitor the performance of your security guards. If you don’t have a security guard management system software yet, contact Destiny Secure for full-proof and tech-fueled solutions. Our feature- Security Guard Tour System will help you keep a close eye on your guard without any hassle. Contact us today!


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