Destiny Secure


Destiny Secure Software offers security guard management software that can help you make your squad more efficient and provide even better security services. We have created a software platform that can streamline your operations and utilizes the advantages of modern technology. We are glad to say that Destiny Secure Software is one of the most feature-rich security guard tracking software available in India..

Destiny Mobile

Destiny Mobile is the highlight of our guard tracking software suite. Destiny mobile provides your company with a means of reporting, tracking, and communication. Utilizing destiny mobile, your employees can create reports, receive dispatches, scan guard tour codes, and more. As an administrator you are able to verify that your employees are where they need to be through real time tracking.

Patrol Software

Destiny Secure software is a suite of apps designed to create a successful organized business. Our software includes apps available on windows and both major mobile platforms (android and ios). Destiny Secure specially built to improve the performance of your security guards.

Tracking Software

With the use of GPS satellites and an array of sensors, Destiny is able to maximize workflow and manage your fleet. Our software has special features for personal tracking in which you can track the location of your pet, vehicle, children. Using specific sensors, Destiny can determine gasoline consumption, if a driver is speeding, when a door has been opened, etc. These are the features we use to optimize the future of your company.

Scheduling Software

Destiny secure software now offers our clients an easy alternative to employee time management. Utilizing your company’s user base, you can easily create schedules for each of your employees for every account you have, calculate how many hours they worked within a set period, and employees are able to view all set shifts within our employee portal.

Human Resources

Destiny Human Resources is an all-in-one module that is integrated into the Destiny Software EcoSystem, therefore relieving you of having to collect duplicate employee data for your Destiny users, Scheduling, and Human Resources, while allowing you to maintain and analyze this data from one location. Destiny HR will also improve and streamline the way you hire and onboard new employees, keep records of disciplinary actions, and performance reviews.

Nationwide PTT

ClearISA Nationwide PTT is the future of Radio Communications. No longer will you have to deal with limitations of repeater coverage areas or dead zones. ClearISA allows users to replicate radio features like instant group communication with a simple button push from a smartphone application available on Android or iOS, or by use of actual hardware such as “Walkie Talkies” and Vehicle Radios. For your dispatchers we also have a Dispatch app for Windows.

Services Overview

Our featured products are easy-to-use apps that are designed to provide ease, greater efficiency, and help your security company run at its best. Destiny can conduct site tours, submit reports, complete tasks, and more with the mobile app.

ADAM 602

Our desktop app was designed with ease of use in mind but optimized for maximum functionality. Adam 602 is the most robust of our applications offering all of our reports and access to dispatch using a windows based computer(traditional laptop or microsoft surface pro).


Our mobile app is not a web based application or web page that does limited functions, but an actual application that runs on the android and iphone operating systems, and will allow you to do a multitude of tasks that cannot be done from a web page based service. You can save reports to your smart phone even with no signal, this is not possible with a web based service.


With use of our web terminals our subscribers have access to every report created by their employees along with separate terminals for their clients to view reports. Every web terminal generated can be custom created to limit view of certain features.


Destiny uses gps satellites to generate a driver report of exact routes used with timestamps to ensure all cargo is delivered without delay. We also use sensors to determine when a door has been opened to determine when the load is handled in an undesignated area.


License plate recognition is a technology we are perfecting in an effort to assist all our clients with parking management. Our lpr program integrates between all of our reporting software and utilizes our servers to provide information almost instantly.


Our PTT system utilizes Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows computers, but what makes us different from all of the others is that we also have actual hardware for your work force, we have Walkie Talkies and Mobile Radios along with accessories such as shoulder mics and covert ear mics.



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