Be Professional – Track your Guards with Destiny Secure Guard Tracking Software

Security guard tracking software is an important aspect of strengthening your organization’s security. If you are concerned about the efficient functioning of your security guard workforce or want to ensure that security guard tracking software or guard tour monitoring system are managed effectively, it is very essential to implement a security guard patrol tracking system. Destiny Secure Software is used to help organizations and associations coordinate, log, and execute guard tracking and monitoring system in their resources, guaranteeing that the officials will achieve their errands inside the predefined time spans.

Benefits of security guard management software:

Tracking System – One Stop Solution:

With the smart security guard tracking software system from Destiny Secure, you can have an eye on every single one of your safety officers. Additionally, our guard tracking system is beneficial for security guards as well as easy to operate. The guard patrolling system can get to the total log of their visit through a dashboard on the security guard management software observing framework introduced in their cell phones.

Proficient Guard Patrolling System Software

The smart guard patrolling system software by Destiny Secure allows tracking the activity of the guards.  If there should be an occurrence of any slip by, a message pop-up alarm is shipped off to the security guard just as the revealing individual, who might then continue as indicated by the hierarchical arrangement. The guard tour patrol system helps in proficiently arranging courses of safety vehicles, just as speedy occurrence detailing.

Instant Message: 

The security guard management software sends an instant message to the assigned person advising them about any missed rounds or various inadequacies in liability. The person alerting the guard will then be able to take preventive steps to ensure that the security guards are fully performing their assigned duties and showing the most remarkable effectiveness.

Schedule a Private Meeting:

Regardless of the multitude of admonitions, assuming the guard proceeds to continually miss cutoff times, show helpless hard-working attitude, and simply be languid by and large, the time has come to make a move. 

Schedule a private meeting with the guards. Talk about their new execution and discover precisely what’s happening. From that point forward, proceed to consistently monitor their work and assume their exhibition improves. Assuming it does, all things considered, that is extraordinary! Like them for it. 

Assuming that they don’t, bring out recorded evidence of them being apathetic and get severe. Illuminate them that this sort of conduct isn’t adequate. Let them know what they are fouling up and how they can execute their obligations better on customer sites.

Instant Reporting System:

Destiny Secure Software provides a top-notch solution to our customers to create instant reporting features. With our software, the guards are empowered with the capacity to upgrade the nature of revealing by adding key insights regarding any accident. While producing reports in security guard management software, the guards can add pictures, voice messages, notes, and marks to the checked things.

Employee Attendance Management System:

This special component of our security guard tracking system permits you to deal with the attendance of the guards with full precision. This offers you a web-based update of the security guards accessible on the job, and along these lines offers better command over asset arranging and designation. It effectively incorporates your human asset arranging framework and upgrades the usefulness of your association, by and large.

One App Many Features:

There is an app with many features which provide different properties and resources in one app. Employee monitoring system helps you deal with a wide range of assets including vehicle location, guard attendance, instant reporting, schedule meeting and timings, track guard GPS  location, child tracking, pet tracking, women safety, and many more features in one app.

At Destiny Secure Software, we offer these highlights to every one of our customers and assist them with running their security organization consistently. To find out more or begin working with us, contact Destiny Secure today.


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